Yes, We Cas!



what the writers of spn are trying to do to dean this season


I can’t tell if the gif means they’re making Dean work over and over again to keep Sammy and other unconcious/dead people upright and alive

or it means the writers are trying to keep him in the closet but he just keeps throwing himself out

either way the accuracy is outstanding



Supernatural AU

Dean and Sam work in the FBI, or maybe they only pretend to be agents, while being on the hunt. I couldn’t decide which version I prefer more. Castiel Novak is one of the witnesses.

Bonus scene:

- Yeah, you definitely regret this case…

- Shut up, Sammy, I’m just happy that he finally left


I know it’s the middle of the night but can someone who is awake rn rec me a nice #deancas fanfic with a happy ending???


Imagine Dean and Cas being roommates; and Cas has this HUGE CRUSH on his roommie but he’s never told Dean obviously. Dean has never really considered Cas to be dating material; he’s always liked girls anyway…but then one night Dean comes home late and catches Cas stretched…


OMG I am shocked to hear the sound a Koala makes.

OMG OMG  I just can’t believe it. I was expecting a lovely sound.. ;_;